GFN211 – The GFN General

GFN211 - Dan


Christina is joined by the Delightful Dan P-H of the “It’s All About M.E. podcast!” Lots of serious talk in this one. We discuss a number of articles pertaining to LGBTQ news and Christina has a statement to make about privilege.

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  1. RTCruiser says:

    The actual words never hurt it is only ever the context.

    I’m sorry if transgender people feel offended by the word tranny offensive but they do no own the word.

    Wonder Wisdom referred to herself as a “tranny wreck” for years without anyone giving a flying fuck. I for one never thought she was comparing herself to transgender but a transvestite.

    Does this also mean that if you go to the mechanic and he says your tranny has gone you should feel outraged?

    By acting like they have they are simply giving the word power to the ignorant bigots that will use it as a slur.

    I don’t find people referring to things as “gay” as being kind of lame as offensive just as I know that when it is used in an old ’40s musical and some one is referred to as gay doesn’t mean they’re mad for the cock. Words evolve and change meaning over time and nothing will stop this.

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