Five Ways to Make Extra Cash Whilst Travelling

We have all been there, you head out into the world with the money you’ve worked hard to save, only to find that it doesn’t quite stretch far enough to fuel your wanderlust entirely. Well, here are five ways to earn a little extra money to help keep you moving.

Work in your Hostel

It’s always worth asking at your hostel if they have any work available. Hostels will often give guests a couple of hours work at the front desk and will usually pay you, or at the very least let you stay for a couple of nights for free.

Teach a Language

There is a lot of demand for language tutors. A good way to make some extra money is to put up signs offering language tutoring on notice boards. These one-to-one casual lessons often take place in cafes and won’t feel like work at all.

Work in a Bar

Getting a couple of casual shifts in each destination you have lined up will definitely ease the financial burden. And if you are not strong with languages, then there are always Irish or Australian pubs around that are used to travelling English speakers looking for a few casual shifts.

Travel Writing

If you have a way with words, there is always a market for good travel writing. Start your own blog, send pieces to known travel writing websites, look online for freelance opportunities that will take your writing and pay you for it.

Au Pair

There are many agencies online and even more families looking for Au Pairs for their children. Whether it’s just to look after the kids after school, or help to develop their language skills, it shouldn’t be a problem finding a job and you will receive payment or a place to sleep in return.

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