How to Pack Healthy Food When You Travel

When you travel, whether it’s for holiday or business, it can be easy to fall in to unhealthy routines. Jetlag can screw up your sleep schedule, while walking through an airport or a train station can see you bombarded with adverts and promotions for unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks. This all means that you easily get carried away, and suddenly your wallet is lighter and you feel sick from binging on bad food.

But a little planning and thinking ahead can help you avoid temptation, and arrive at your destination feeling healthy, happy, and ready to explore! Get yourself a good, study plastic lunch box, and raid your kitchen!

Delicious nibbles

There are lots of snacks you can tuck away for later. A selection of mixed nuts will give you a protein boost that will fill you up for longer. Babybel mini cheeses can be combined with some light gluten free crackers to make a filling lunch. Make yourself a small fruit salad by dicing a few fruits, or if you’re not flying you can make a homemade smoothie and pour it in a travel flask. Slices of cucumber, combined with cherry tomatoes and some diced radish, make an easy salad.

If crisps or chocolate are your vice, then pack healthier versions from the supermarket. Vegetable crisps are healthier than regular ones, as are spiced mini rice balls. Packing cereal bars can help with your sweet tooth, or bake yourself a healthier alternative a few days before you leave, such as apple and oat muffins.

Coping with Kids

Your tinies may not be good travellers at the best of times, and when they’re hungry they’re even worse! Packing a selection of nibbles will help stave off a tantrum, and keep them quiet while they eat. Carrot sticks, apple slices, homemade fruit flapjacks, packets of raisins, and some plain chicken wrapped up in a flour tortilla, can be easily eaten in the back of a car or on a train.
Simply giving yourself a few days to plan and prepare can make all the difference. Your travel plans won’t be a surprise, your food shouldn’t be either!

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