How to Start a Travel Blog

Travel blogging, exploring the world, logging your experiences, and sharing them with thousands of internet users who want to visit the places you write about. Can it get any better? Well yes; if you’re good, very good, you can make a living from it as well. So how do you start a money making travel blog?

Choose a Domain Name

Your domain name will be your websites name; or your author pseudonym if you like. Keep it short and keep it memorable. Two of the best known and best read travel bloggers are nomadicmatt and expertvagabond. How about <i></i>? My apologies if it’s already out there, but you get the picture.

Choosing a Host for Your Blog

You may have already started blogging about your travels using one of the free blogging sites available such as or All good experience, but if you want to make money, unfortunately that’s all they are – good experience.

Use a hosting site like BlueHost or Hostgator, very popular, and relatively cheap. Once you’ve picked your host, pick a plan for a few pounds a month.

Install WordPress Software

WordPress is the undisputed leader of blogging platforms. Follow the on-screen instructions on your chosen host and install it to your domain name, in this example, <i></i>

Once WordPress is installed there are thousands of plug-ins available to give you an all singing-all dancing blog, but don’t go overboard. Get used to how everything works, and then add plug-ins that you really need.

Social Media is the Key

Unfortunately, those thousands of visitors you’re aiming for don’t just appear. You have to encourage them. Get established on as many social media platforms as you can. Adding short synopses of your blogs, photographs and short videos will help attract all that traffic.

You don’t have to wait for your first expedition as a fledgling travel blogger to get something on your website. Recall your first family holiday, or first solo adventure abroad, or preparations you are making for that first trip. They will help your audience get to know you, and give you some hands-on practise of how your blog works. Good luck – and happy travel blogging.

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