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GFN297 – Granny Panties Part II

Posted by GFNStaff on February 4th, 2016

This is the part 2 of our super long episode. The ladies talk about the crazy pro-rape wing of the men’s right’s movement, Christina tells a heartfelt hockey story, and Nicole talks about plumbing woes (seriously is anyone listening a plumber and/or contractor? She needs HELP)

GFN296 – Granny Panties Part I

Posted by GFNStaff on February 2nd, 2016

This recording went way long, over two hours! So we are splitting it up and releasing it in two parts. Enjoy Part I!

GFNs35 – Mini Show

Posted by GFNStaff on January 25th, 2016


Nicole is in tech week for The Follies and Christina is sick, so it’s a short show this week. Look Satyr, a 20 minute show!

GFN295 – The Cough Cast

Posted by GFNStaff on January 19th, 2016

Grunge Logo

Nicole and Christina talk about birthdays, being sick, and unbidden masturbation.

GFN294 – The Atheism Show

Posted by GFNStaff on January 11th, 2016

AmericanAtheistsLogo*photo courtesy of The American Atheists (logo)


Daniel from Dubious Intent joins Christina for the monthly live show on Pride48.com. We talk about our (lack of) belief in a religion and the things we find weird or ridiculous in religion. If you’re sensitive about mocking religion, please do not listen to this episode.

GFN293 – Conga Dancing Demons

Posted by GFNStaff on January 5th, 2016

Conga Demons

BIG THANKS TO MEGHAN FOR THE AWESOME PHOTO!!! www.adventuresinverdance.com

We have plenty of holiday recaps and Christmas cards! Also a (sort of) minion application, discussion of how Jesus would celebrate his non-birthday, and PIE!

Hope you enjoy!

GFNs34 – Star Wars Episode 7 WITH SPOILERS

Posted by GFNStaff on January 1st, 2016


*photo credit: Starwars.com and The Walt Disney Company


Bob, Christina, Nicole and Scott the Satyr join forces to discuss the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. WARNING: THIS IS AN ALL SPOILERS EPISODE. Do not listen if you have not seen the movie yet.

You can find Scott the Satyr on The Satyrsphere Podcast: Here

GFN292 – Dump Cake

Posted by GFNStaff on December 14th, 2015

Pecan Pie

It’s our monthly live show on Pride48.com! Nicole and Christina wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

GFN291 – Holiday Baking

Posted by GFNStaff on December 9th, 2015


Nicole and Christina discuss anxiety, baking for the holidays, baking TV shows and why they are brilliant, and sexual assault in relation to the Netflix series Jessica Jones. It’s quite the well rounded show this week. Sorry for the length. Also, Christina shares WAY TOO MUCH about her childhood (as usual).

GFN290 – Pay it Forward

Posted by GFNStaff on November 30th, 2015


Nicole and Christina recap Thanksgiving Day and talk Jessica Jones (without spoilers!). We also share a wish for more charitable giving this holiday season.