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GFN290 – Pay it Forward

Posted by GFNStaff on November 30th, 2015


Nicole and Christina recap Thanksgiving Day and talk Jessica Jones (without spoilers!). We also share a wish for more charitable giving this holiday season.

GFN289 – Actually in Nowhere

Posted by GFNStaff on November 28th, 2015



Bob and Christina visited Nowhere and it was wonderful! Lots of good friends and meaningful conversation.

GFN288 – Viva la France

Posted by GFNStaff on November 18th, 2015


Nicole and Christina discuss the tragic events in Paris this past weekend. Please note: this episode was taped on Monday November 16th when investigations into the bombings were still ongoing. Some of the info we discuss here has since been updated. Thank you for your understanding.

GFN287 – Rub Some Butter On It

Posted by GFNStaff on November 9th, 2015


Christina is joined by her friend Jill for the monthly live show on Pride48.com! We discuss the Starbucks red cup “controversy” and the crop of political candidates running for President. Also butter…and penises.

*photo meme credit: Pinterest

GFN286 – Polar Bear Layers

Posted by GFNStaff on November 5th, 2015



Nicole has toner trouble and Christina has leftover Halloween candy. Also a movie recommendation and a rant about traffic.

GFN285 – Halloween 2015

Posted by GFNStaff on October 27th, 2015

Halloween 2015

TJ, Nicole, and Christina wish you a very Happy Halloween!

*Music Credit: “Haunted” composed by Chris Martyn/Geoff Harvey courtesy of Purple Planet Music.

GFN284 – Zombie Invasion!

Posted by GFNStaff on October 19th, 2015


TJ flew out to spend the weekend with Christina and they went to the Great America Halloween Haunt! Fun and scares were had by all, along with junk food. In this episode they recap the entire weekend of fun and frivolity. Thank you for listening!

You can hear TJ more often here at The Brain Dead Podcast

GFN283 – Getting to Know You

Posted by GFNStaff on October 12th, 2015



It’s our monthly live show on Pride48.com with special guest co-host Brian from The Game Night Guys!

You can find him, Curtis, and all the info on their show at The Game Night Guys website

GFNs33 – The Martian with SPOILERS

Posted by GFNStaff on October 8th, 2015


We are not joking around here guys. We spoil both the movie and the book in this episode. DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU DO NOT WANT SPOILERS ON EITHER.

GFN282 – Slytherin vs Ravenclaw

Posted by GFNStaff on October 6th, 2015

Slytherin vs Ravenclaw


Nicole and Christina discuss their weeks and the various attributes of the Hogwarts houses. Also, tattoo eyeliner and cat serial killers.